[ News ] Dreamize Demonstrate excellence of domestic SW


Dreamize Demonstrates SW Technology in Supply of Hyundai SCM Solution...Increase awareness at home and abroad.

Dreamize (CEO YoonSig-Kang) recently competed with foreign companies such as SAP and Siemens in Hyundai Motor's Singapore electric vehicle plant supply chain management (SCM) business.
Dreamize won the first place in overall evaluations such as technical skills and won final orders for its business.

Dreamize was adopted as Hyundai Motor Group's SCM two years ago. At that time, it was selected as a product by competing with foreign solutions.
It has been supplying SCM solutions to all of Hyundai Motor Group's domestic and foreign businesses for two years.

SCM market is one of the fastest growing markets since Covid-19 as the importance of supply chain management has grown.
Dreamize is expected to increase its recognition in domestic and foreign SCM markets by winning additional orders from Hyundai Motor.

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