All of Dreamize SCM Solution

Dreamize develops and provides SCP(Supply Chain Planning) solution, key SCM solution for companies.
We were awarded the SCM Grand prize by the Korean Association of SCM for being credited for making it possible to establish a plan 10~100 times faster than other global solutions. Also, we got recognized for excellence through various projects such as replacing global branded solutions with ours within ​subsidiaries of Samsung group.


It is a refined production demand prediction solution necessary for production by compiling automatic demand forecast and demand forecast information from Big Data through various predictive algorithms such as past sales history and current market environment.


It is an integrated supply chain management solution that can quickly and accurately collect the supply chain management of materials purchase, production, logistics, and sales, and establish optimal supply chain planning through various simulations.


It is a productivity improvement solution that minimizes production disruption and reduces inventory/production lead time by automatically establishing an optimal process-specific work plan based on various production constraints such as facilities and materials.


It is an optimal production and sales strategy solution that can effectively analyze the previously established production and sales strategies and automatically generate various analysis reports to establish improved scenarios.



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