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Could you introduce Dreamize to us?

Dreamize develops and provides SCP (Supply Chain Plan) solution which is the key SCM solution for companies. We were awarded the SCM grand prize by the Korean Association of SCM for being credited for making it possible to establish a plan dozens of times faster than other global solutions. Also, we got recognized for excellence through various projects such as replacing other global branded solutions with ours at ​subsidiaries of Samsung group. Our goal is becoming a specialty SCM company to reinforce the ability of SCM in the company with our best efforts and one of them is developing a LP(Linear Programming) product for the first time in Korea.

Let us know success stories of Dreamize

Dreamize has completed various projects of implementation of SCP with EnckeMacro since Samsung Display on 2011. Please refer to the menu, success cases for details on the top of Homepage

Let us know the location of Dreamize

Dreamize is located at digitalro 9gil 99, #906 (gasan-dong, Star valley), Keumcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Please refer to Dreamize> Company Info> Location

Let us know detailed information about Dreamize’s product.

Please refer to the menu Solution & Service on the top of Homepage for more information about products, or you may request materials for products to the person in charge via e-mail.

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When is your recruitment schedule?

Dreamize is always accepting applications. We will contact you individually after full consideration, once you submit resume through employment menu.

What is formal procedure for employment?


This is the formal employment procedure of Dreamize.

Where can I apply for position?

You can apply for position on the menu Careers. Please submit your resume after filling out the form with proper contents. Once you submit applications, those are not returned to you.

Please ask directly to the person in charge for more questions via email. webmaster@dreamize.co.kr