| Introduction of Solution, EnckeMacro
EnckeMacro is an optimal solution which enables companies to establish supply chain plan with high accuracy, quick crisis responds, high customer satisfaction and quick decision-making, which are required by global SCM.
| Key Features
EnckeMacro provides basic functions and detailed options for each function to apply various constraints to the plan for establishing an optimal supply chain plan.
| Process
EnckeMacro establishes an optimal plan through 3 steps : Load, Plan and Release.
| Characteristics and Advantages
EnckeMacro is an innovative next generation SCP solution which overcomes the limit of existing domestic/global SCP solutions.
| Expected Benefit
The optimal supply chain plan set by EnckeMacro provides differentiated competitiveness to companies.
| Powerful Customizing
EnckeMacro API provides a detailed control in flow of Load, Plan and Release in order to meet business requirements.
Also, users may redefine the specific functions of engine by using Custom Function.
| Utilizing simulation in real time
It’s possible to respond quickly to requirements from outside customers and to coordinate among divisions in regards to plan result through the rapid simulation function provided by EnckeMacro.
| System Integration
System integration by utilizing EnckeMacro provides the value of efficient operations and expenses cutbacks.