Customer’s Request

Customer requested to implement a system to manage replenish planning on weekly basis with taking characteristics of supplying and manufacturing of beverage by MTS method into account

Service & Solution

We implement a SCM system based on TOC in which materials are secured as much as needed, by sharing information of demands on supply chain screen in real time with establishing marketing/sales plan on weekly basis
Implementation of system
A system with EnckeMacro is implemented to increase a response ability for logistics centers in which weekly replenish planning is graded according to inventory turnover rate

Value provided to the customer

  • Decrease in unnecessary inventory and purchasing cost by production planning on weekly basis
  • Efficient inventory management of more than 3 thousands SKU of various groceries and set realistic lead time considering seasonality of supply and demand of materials
  • Enhance a product quality and improve profitability with surplus funds arising from decrease in inventory and purchasing cost invested in R&D